30 Gallon Whiskey Barrels stacked

30 Gallon Used Rye Whiskey Barrel - Single Use

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Hard to Find 'RYE' Whiskey Barrels - Refillable

Rare hard to find used small whiskey barrels. Yes, they are empty but refillable. These are from FEW distillery in Illinois who used them for rye but only one time.  Then they found their way to us. Use them for your own spirits or as decoration, trash cans, ice coolers or tables. These happen to be the perfect height for 'sit down'  breakfast, lunch or dinner tables.  Of course, you might think of another way to use them. If you have a need, these barrels may be perfect for you. Watch as your small barrel become a conversation piece in your home.  

UNIQUE: The 30 gallon small barrel is a real oak whiskey barrel. 

INCLUDED:  Barrels have wood bungs in the barrel head. Depending on your intended use, you may want to replace the bung.

CAUTION:  If putting liquid in them, before first use, make sure to soak the barrel to swell the wood until it stops weeping and then sanitize it, usually 3-7 days (sometimes longer).

Barrels will ship within 1 week after payment. 

Approximate Barrel Dimensions:   30 Gallon – 21” x 21” x 30"H