We have made some changes… 

After a family discussion, it has been decided that the time has come for Carole and I to take more time off and scale down the business. To this extent, we have closed the showroom at 7801 Canoga Ave as of 8/12/23. Do not fret!  We will continue Evans Family Barrels online and by phone.

We have had a very enjoyable run these past 10 years and have met the world’s greatest customers. Many have become good friends. We have sold and rented to a wide customer base from homeowners to small businesses, to movies, commercials and TV, to marketing and event planners and have made some of the craziest, unique projects and still get a kick out of doing so and enjoyed every minute. However, we are getting older and the barrels getting heavier!  Also, we need to take more time off for traveling to see our grandkids. 

👉 One of the changes we made, we’re sad to say, is to discontinue our rental business, along with deliveries as of July 27.   

👉 Another change for those that are in our local area, we have closed the showroom. We will still sell online, and by phone. Our workshop is back in our garage again where we started over 10 years ago. 

👉 Some items may disappear on our website - - and others will appear in time. Look for more smaller barrel products. We are also planning to offer some new products made with a CNC machine and a laser engraver.  We are very excited about the options we see in the future – not only for different products, but far more customizability.

We thank you for your continued support and appreciate your understanding in these changes. While changes are hard, these will be for the better. We started this business in our retirement, which I guess means we only semi-retired to begin with. Now it’s time to semi-retire from our semi-retirement! We’re still here to support your barrel needs. We love you!

Thank you.

Mike and Carole