About the Family

Our Story

A long, long time ago, back in 1982, we started to make wine for ourselves. Our son, Shawnn, was 10 months old. We had the wine fermenting in a trashcan in one bedroom of our two bedroom apartment. Our son would pull himself up and lean on the trashcan to smell the wine.  We never thought he would one day be making wine and beer on his own! 

After university Shawnn found various short-term work at wineries, learning a lot about winemaking and wine barrels. He eventually landed a position as an Enologist with a major winery and then onward as a wine-maker. We all talked about how nice it would be to have some proper equipment of our own to make our own winemaking easier. Originally, the idea to buy and resell retired wine barrels was merely to fund the purchasing of this equipment. Much to our surprise, there was a demand for the barrels! So we kept buying more barrels and selling them out. Soon the money was there to buy the equipment and also to buy the grapes at the next harvest. 

We were newly retired and had time, so we took over the barrel business. We both loved working with wood and both were experienced in home remodeling and building things. So the idea of making planters and furniture grew. It soon became a whole family affair with Shawnn and Jenny, as well as our son Joshua and daughter Kimi joining in. Evans Family Barrels was born.


Meet The Family...

Our family members have a mixture of corporate, entrepreneurial and professional backgrounds and a variety of experiences and talent. Our collaborative environment ensures that each customer is satisfied. 

Mike Evans – Head De-Cooper and Craftsman  

Carole Evans – Designer and Craftsman  

Shawnn Evans – Barrel Master   

Jenny Evans – Photographer

​Lily Evans - Budding Designer  (new member to the family born Jan, 2015)

Jason Evans - Customer Service (new member to the family born Aug, 2016)

Kimi Evans – Marketing & Webmaster

Joshua Evans – Wordsmith

Tracy Evans - Artist

Elanor Evans - Customer Service (newest member to the family born Dec, 2021)