Barrel Plant Signs

Wine Barrel Stave Plant Signs - Carved

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So you finally planted your garden with everything possible to grow and eat.  You didn’t mark anything and now your wondering where you planted the carrots?  We have your answer.  With our carved plant signs, they'll have that personal touch look and you’ll know what you planted in each row.  We carve the plant names that you want, paint them in the color you select and have stainless steel posts so you can just push them into the ground. Strong enough that they stand up to a strong wind (maybe not hurricane force, but normal strong).  

RECYCLED: These rustic stave ends and centers adds a special touch for those who are sensitive to ecology and recycling.

OPTIONS: When purchasing, select the color from the list below that you would like the letters painted:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
  • Dark Burgundy

 CUSTOMIZE:   Purchase the product and send us an email with the following information:

  1. Enter the name that you want on each of your plant markers as you want it.
    1. 8 character maximum.
    2. No special characters.
  2. All signs will be done in capital letters and the same color. However, if you want your tomatoes in red and your peppers in green, just include that in the above email. We’re flexible.

 We’ll be waiting for your email.  After it’s received, we’ll get started on your signs.

Materials: Wine Barrel Stave - white oak

Approximate Dimensions Range:   1.5-3”W x 8-11”L x 1”H

Handcrafted by us in California, USA!