Vertical 'Fish in a Barrel' Aquaponics Systems

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Now you too can eat healthy and lower food bills.  Our ‘Fish in a Barrel’ Aquaponic Systems are designed to grow safe pesticide free food and be a pleasure to look at and show off to all your friends and neighbors. When the fish are big enough, you can get your fishing rod and catch a fish from your barrel. Eat the fish you’ve grown. 

Windows in picture may be different than shown.

RE-PURPOSED: The fish tank barrel is made from an oak wine barrel complete with its hoop, rack and wine stains. It’s a nice career change for the barrel and adds a special touch for those who are sensitive to ecology and recycling.

UNIQUE: The Puncheon (~500L) oak wine barrel makes a beautiful fish tank. With a half 59 gallon wine barrel as the primary grow bed and 2 towers (places for 11 x 2” net pots each). The whole system is rustic by design. This system can use as little as 10% of the water compared to conventional dirt gardening and has less issues with garden pest. After deciding and building the system that meets your needs, we finish with a medium walnut stain Danish oil. We find that each barrel takes the stain and oil in its own way along with their markings being slightly different hence no two barrels will be the same.

  • Raise up to 12 pounds of fish at a time either for food or use ornamental species like goldfish or tropical fish(with the heater installed) in the ~120 gallon re-purposed wine barrel with a viewing window.
  • ~5.3 square feet of hydroton clay pebbles (included) media grow bed, great for growing organic fruits and vegetables without the use of any pesticides which could injure or kill the fish. This grow bed is also your biological filter and part of your mechanical filtration process.
  • The grow bed features an auto syphon that can be easily converted to continuous flow.
  • 2 Aeroponic towers feed the media grow bed, each has spaces for 11 plants.

 HANDCRAFTED: It is handcrafted by us with love and quality in mind here in California, USA. Every product is custom made to order.  Please allow us up to 4-5 weeks after payment to create your system.

Vertical System Features:

  •  ~130 gallons of water
  • Grow your own organic fruits, vegetables and/or herbs(no pesticides)
  • Raise edible fish without antibiotics or heavy metals
  • Viewing window in a real re-purposed 500-Liter wine barrel
  • Expandable to add micro-greens or more towers
  • 11 square feet of grow space in the vertical system
  •         half barrel clay pebble grow bed
  •         2 aeroponic style towers
  • Uses as little as 10% of the water required with traditional gardening
  • Passive aeration system
  • 300 watt aquarium heater
  • Interior LED pond lights 
  • System uses 1 primary submersible pump
  • Oak exterior

INCLUDED: Our stand size is a 130 gallon aquaponics system. It includes:

  • basic water quality test kit
  • 4 packets of seeds
  • fish net
  • freeze-dried bacteria starter
  • 1 year limited free tech support

 NOT INCLUDED:  Fish, fish food, hydroponic grow lights, plants

CUSTOMIZE:  We will work with you to customize your system to better fit your needs if desired. If you require a smaller footprint, we call or email to discuss or check out our Basic Vertical System.  Please call or email us to further customize your system. 

Please note that although the same care and quality is put into all of our products, there will be natural variation due to the wood selection (either French or American white oak), wood figure, winery or cooperage markings, wine stains from the inside of the barrel, and other factors. No two pieces will be identical and each has its own story to tell!

Approximate Dimension:

  • Overall footprint required is 40” x 44”

At Evans Family Barrels, we custom hand craft every product to order. Please allow us ample time to make a good quality product. Call or email us to discuss your needs prior to purchasing.


Handcrafted by us in California, USA!