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Wine Barrel Valley Style Candleholder, 3 votive candles

Rustic Valley Style Wine Barrel Stave Votive & Tea Light Candle Holders

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Is there anything more romantic or relaxing than a flickering candlelight?  How about 3 or 5 flickering candles?  They look great on a dinner table, fireplace mantle, bathroom shelf or any place you're looking to add elegance, romance or relaxation! Let them add a special touch or ambiance to your room. 

RECYCLED: The Valley style wine barrel candle holder shows the wonderful red stain of the wine-soaked barrel stave. It stands on two small legs also made from wine barrel staves. Unique wine barrel stave candle holders like these take us back to earlier and more simple times.  The fact they are also made from retired wine barrels adds a special touch for those who are sensitive to ecology and recycling.

UNIQUE: The Valley style candle holder stave is 1“ solid white oak. It is rustic by design. We use a Danish oil with a medium walnut stain to finish the candleholder. We find that each stave takes the stain and oil in its own way along with their markings being slightly different, hence no two candle holders will be the same.

HAND CRAFTED: It is hand crafted by us with love and quality in mind here in California, USA. Every product is custom made to order.  Please allow us up to 1 week after payment to create your candle holder.

OPTIONS: The Valley style candle holder can be customized with 2 to 5 votive candles or tea light candles.

INCLUDED: We include white candles with clear glass holders for each candle hole. 

  • If you choose a votive candle holder – you will get clear votive glass holders and white votive candles for each candle hole.
  • If you choose a tea light candle holder – you will get clear tea light glass holders and white tea light candles for each candle hole.

All of our candle holders are made from French or American oak wine barrel staves recycled from older wine barrels. Each candle holder will be unique in coloring, condition and size due to variations in production of wine barrels and wine. No two are alike. Even when we stain/oil them, no two staves turn out identical. These have been lightly sanded leaving the barrel marks and wine stains, which make them so special.  Whenever we work on these barrels, we can’t help thinking that every barrel has a story to tell!  

 Candle Holder Materials: 

  • Wood - white oak wine barrel staves
  • Felt
  • Danish Oil - medium walnut

Approximate Dimensions: 

  • 2 candle holder - 12"L x 2.75" x 2"H
  • 3 candle holder - 15"L x 2.75" x 2.5"H
  • 4-5 candle holder - 37"L x 2.75" x 4.5"H
  • votive clear glass holder - 2" diameter x 2.375" height
  • tea light clear glass holder - 2" diameter x 1.25" height

 We custom hand craft every product to order. Please allow us ample time to make a good quality product.  

FREE SHIPPING within the 48 contiguous states.

Handcrafted by us in California, USA!

 Tip: A small amount of warm/hot water in the holder will make it easy to remove any remaining wax once the candle has burned out and cooled.