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Rustic Wine Chained Rain Barrels - Lead Barrel

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Like capturing rain water but want something nicer than plastic? We have used wine barrels straight from the wineries that make great rain barrels.  Standalone rain barrels can hold about 59 gallons of rain water but chained rain barrels can hold way more, just depends on how many barrels you chain together.  This rain barrel is the lead barrel, first in line to capture the water. It is the only one that has an intake hole at the top.  Then add as many middle barrels as desired and don’t forget the end barrel. Later, use the water to water plants. All rain barrels come with a silicon bung to secure the bung hole.

RECYCLED: These rustic wine barrels still have the barrel rack marks and wine stains proudly showing their years of winery service. All this adds a special touch for those who are sensitive to ecology and recycling.

OPTIONS: Each wine barrel holds about 59 gallons of water. With a good rain, they fill up quickly. For those that want more storage space, chain 2 or more barrels together. The 3 barrels are slightly different in design. For a more refined look, we can sand and finish the barrel, even so, there will still be some remaining marks and stains. If you desire this, add sanding and medium walnut oil to finish the barrel.

  • Sand and Oil

Look for our other rain barrels to complete the chain:  middle chained rain barrel and the end chained rain barrel.

 Please note that although the same care and quality is put into all of our products, there will be natural variation due to the wood selection (either French or American white oak), wood figure, winery or cooperage markings, wine stains from the inside of the barrel, and other factors. No two pieces will be identical and each has its own story to tell! 


  • Wood - white oak
  • Galvanized Hoops
  • Hose Spigots
  • Chaining Hardware
  • Critter and mosquito screen

 Approximate Dimensions Range: 27"W x 27"L x 37H"

 At Evans Family Barrels, we custom hand craft every product to order. Please allow us ample time to make a good quality product.

 Tip: to keep barrels tight, put a small amount of water in the barrel to keep the staves (wood) expanded. This will help keep the barrel tight. Email or call for other ways to maintain the barrel. 

 This product ships via Freight.  Call for freight quote prior to placing an order.