Assorted Barrel Bungs

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Bung? So what is a bung? And why do you care. First, the bung is like a cork. Every wine and whiskey barrel have a bung hole. You’ve seen that little hole in the side of a barrel? That’s the bung hole. And the bung fits in it to stop the wine or liquid from spilling out. Normally it’s on the side of the barrel as barrels normally lie on their side on barrel racks. Sometimes the whiskey barrels are stacked vertically and, if so, they also have a bung hole in the barrel head. 

When do you need one? If you are storing liquid or maybe catching rainwater, you’ll want a silicon bung to keep the liquid in the barrel. If the barrel is for décor outside or maybe as a planter, you’ll want either a silicon one or a wood one (your choice). Something to plug the hole so that the dirt doesn’t pour out or insects and small critters can’t get in.

OPTIONS: Bungs come in colors. We offer a variety of colors as people have different favorite and our stock does change colors from time to time.  The silicon bungs are mostly what the wineries use. They can be taken out and put back in easily. The wood bungs are more commonly used in whiskey barrels. We find you need to pound them in good for them to stay or better just glue them in place and forget about them.

  • Silicon Bung Colors – white, green, red, purple, yellow (while supplies last)
  • Oak Bungs 

Approximate Dimensions Range: 

  • 1 7/8” hole diameter
  • 25”L x 2.25”W x 1”H

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