Rustic Used Hogshead Wine Barrels

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Do you love wine? And everything made from wine barrels? Ever think of actually owning a wine barrel? Well, this is your chance. We have used wine barrels straight from the wineries just waiting for a good home. Barrels have many uses such as hot pr cold tubs, decorations, planters, tables and more. If you are wanting to use these barrels as planters, please select the puncheons under the Planters and more tab as they will have the head removed.  If you are looking for a large barrel for a hot or cold tub, we just added them to our website under barrels and outdoor furniture.

 UNIQUE: Hogshead barrels are unique in their size. They are big, but not as big as puncheons. Whereas normal wine barrel is 59-60 gallons and puncheons are around 105 to 132 gallons and more, hogshead barrels are in the middle at around 70-84 Gallons. They also weight in at approximately 120-150 lbs. These barrels are just under bar height and are big enough to be a hot tub or cold tub. As planters, they are also a good size for trees.

RECYCLED: These rustic wine barrels still have the barrel rack marks and wine stains proudly showing their years of winery service. All this adds a special touch for those who are sensitive to ecology and recycling.

HAND CRAFTED:  While we don't make the barrel, it takes time to prepare your barrel per the selected options. Please allow us up to 1 week after payment to prepare your barrel for shipping or pickup. If a raw barrel is purchase, it will usually ship in 3 business days.

OPTIONS: For a more refined look, we can sand and finish the barrel, even so, there will still be some remaining marks and stains. If you desire this, add sanding and medium walnut oil to finish the barrel. We also suggest if the barrel will be staying outside, purchase a bung to close the bung hole so that insects don’t take up residence in the barrel.  Bungs can be purchased separately.

  • Hogshead Barrel sizes - 265-Liter (70 Gal), 300-Liter (79 Gal), 320-Liter (84 Gal)
  • Sand and Oil Medium Walnut

CUSTOMIZE:  Call or email us if you want any cuts or to personalize the barrel. Cuts and personalization are extra.

Please note, our wine barrels are made from French or American oak. Each wine barrel will be unique in coloring, condition and size due to variations in production of wine barrels and wine. No two are alike. Even when we stain/oil them, no two wine barrels turn out identical. The barrel marks and wine stains make these barrels special.  Whenever we work on these barrels, we can’t help thinking that every barrel has a story to tell!  


  • Wood - white oak
  • Galvanized Hoops

Approximate Dimensions Range: 

  • 265L Hogshead  – 24-25" OD at Top and Bottom, 28-29" OD at Center, 37"High
  • 300L Hogshead – 24-25" OD at Top and Bottom, 30-31" OD at Center, 39-40"High
  • 320L Hogshead – 26-27" OD at Top and Bottom, 30-32" OD at Center, 40-41"High

  Tip: to keep barrels tight, put a small amount of water in the barrel to keep the staves (wood) expanded. This will help keep the barrel tight. Email or call for other ways to maintain the barrel.