Rustic Whiskey St Bernard Barrel with Collar For Your Dog

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Who doesn’t love their dog? So why not pamper them? Give your dog a real oak St Bernard barrel on a leather strap. Fill the barrel with your spirits and let your dog feel like a St Bernard by assisting you in carrying of the family spirits. You can even personalize it with your pet’s name. Watch your dog’s St Bernard barrel become a conversation piece.  

Dogs are not included.

UNIQUE: The St Bernard barrel is a real oak barrel with black hoops with a leather collar.  The char inside is medium.

CAUTION: The barrel will weigh up to 2 pounds empty and even more when filled with liquid. Be sure your pet is up to the task of carrying this product.

Dimension 5.5" x 3.5" x 3.5"  (1/2 liter) for larger dogs that can carry more than 2 pounds

Please allow us up to 3 weeks after payment to receive your St Bernard Dog Barrel.  Personalization may take longer.  Personalization is an added cost.

CUSTOMIZE: Please email us to personalize the barrel. (+$12)

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