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Wine Barrel Oak Staves/Heads Pieces for BBQ Cooking

Wine-Soaked Oak Barrel Stave/Head Pieces for BBQ Cooking

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Do you just love to Bar-B-Que?  Do you use flavored chips to enhance the aromas in your food? How about wine-soaked oak flavor!  That’s why we sell wine barrel pieces. The pieces are from the barrel itself that have been soaked in red or white wine. We also have segments are made of white oak that were placed in the stainless steel tanks to impart more oak flavor in the wine. See BBQ Segments. They are perfect for BBQ smokers.

RECYCLED: These pieces will still impart oak flavor along with the wine flavor into your cooking. Sand the pieces for more oak flavoring. They are recycled from the wineries which adds a special touch for those who are sensitive to ecology and recycling.

INCLUDED:  1 bag of wine soaked oak pieces – approximately 4 pounds (as the wood dries out, it becomes lighter) per bag or box.


  • Wood - white oak

Approximate Dimensions Range: 

  • Barrel stave pieces – various sizes from 1” to 8” long, various widths from 2” to 4” and about 1” thickness. Mixed bags.

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