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Extra Viewing Windows for an Aquaponics System Fish Barrel

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So you decided on our ‘Fish in a Barrel’ Aquaponic Systems designed to grow safe pesticide free food and lower you food bills. Careful, you might be eating healthier too!  This will be a pleasure to look at and show off to all your friends and neighbors. When the fish are big enough, you can get your fishing rod and catch a fish from your barrel. Place small baby fish into the barrel and watch them grow through these windows. Some come right up to the window and stare out as if they were watching us. Not enough windows in the standard model?  Add some more as long as we can still have barrel integrity.

UNIQUE: So your considering purchasing one of our aquaponics systems but the fish window may be too high for your children to view the fish. With our methods, we can add an additional window at a lower level. Or two at the same level for more viewing.

HANDCRAFTED: It is handcrafted by us with love and quality in mind here in California, USA. Every product is custom made to order.  Please allow us up to 2-3 weeks additional time after payment for adding the extra window and testing it for leaks. 

Please note that although the same care and quality is put into all of our products, there will be natural variation due being hand made.  No two pieces will be identical.

Approximate Dimension:

  • Barrel dependent, windows fit between the hoops.

At Evans Family Barrels, we custom hand craft every product to order. Please allow us ample time to make a good quality product. Call or email us to discuss your needs prior to purchasing.

Handcrafted by us in California, USA!